Lessbroken offers a hosted ZNC service. Its usage is governed by the Lessbroken ZNC policy document.

You will need a Lessbroken account to use this service.

How do I get one?

Once you have created a Lessbroken account with a confirmed email, join us in #lessbroken on freenode. Ping a voiced user with your username, and your account request will be reviewed. If accepted, “ZNC” will appear in your Account Manager dashboard.

What is an IRC bouncer, and why do I need one?

An IRC bouncer keeps you connected to IRC even when your computer is off. When you reconnect to the bouncer, it will replay the messages you missed. An IRC bouncer is a great option if you have an unstable internet connection, or cannot leave a computer running 24/7 at home.

Additionally, you can use ZNC’s push module to send push notifications to your mobile device while you are disconnected.

How many networks can I connect to?

You can connect to two networks by default. The limit can be increased upon request.

Within a network, we do not limit the number of channels you may join. However, such a limit may be put in place by the network.