ZNC rules

Thanks for choosing Lessbroken for your ZNC needs. While you’re using our services, please abide by the following policies.

Your responsiblity to us

  1. Do not break the law using our service. This means that you must follow local laws, as well as the laws of the United States and the State of Alabama, while using our service. We are not your lawyer, and as such, we aren’t obligated to interpret the law for you. We are also not law enforcement, and generally will not actively take measures to identify those breaking the law.
  2. Follow the rules of the network you are on. Listen to network staff / IRC operators, and follow their instructions while using their network.
  3. Do not use bots (IRC clients designed primarily for automatic use) on our service. Client scripts are fine. As a general rule, most of the actions taken using your IRC client should be initiated by a human.
  4. One account per person. One person per account. Please don’t create more than one account. If you need an increased network limit, let us know. Similarly, do not share your account with others.
  5. Do not spam. Do not attempt a denial-of-service attack on any Lessbroken servers, and do not use your bouncer account to spam users on the networks you’re connected to.

Our responsibilities to you

  1. Our service to non-paying customers is on a best-effort basis. Please remember that this is a free service. We will make an effort to provide a reliable and useful service with reasonable support response times, but cannot guarantee this.
  2. We will attempt to notify you if a government orders us to surrender your data. Although the only interesting data we keep are connection logs, your email, and ZNC configuration (including nickname, real name, networks, and channels), we will make an effort to notify you if a government requests these. Of course, we may not be allowed to notify you (in the case of an accompanying gag order or similar legal order). We will only surrender your data if we determine that the request is legitimate.
  3. We will make an effort to keep your data secure. Although no system is completely secure, we will make an effort to secure our systems and, in turn, your data.
  4. We will not sell or share your data. We respect your privacy, and as such, we will not sell any data you give us to any third party. The only data we share is your ZNC username with connecting IRC servers, using the ident protocol. We do this to prevent abuse.
  5. We will fully delete your account upon a request from you. You can contact us at any time requesting to delete your account and its associated data. Unless under a contrary legal obligation, we will do so in a timely manner, deleting your account record and ZNC configuration. We will retain connection logs for statistics and abuse-fighting purposes.